Technicandy is a company with a mission to supply pharmaceutical grade natural products in their funnest form, candy. Our candies are formulated to maximize the bioavailability of our products. This leads to our candies having twice the effectiveness of others by producing proprietary liposomes. Liposomes work by delivering compounds, which are not water soluble (i.e. CBD, CBG), into your body, which is water based. Your body allows the liposomes into your lymph system and the compounds are “escorted” through the body. [A much more efficient route.]

Technicandy was founded by Dr. Kevin DeSisto who worked for 10 years in the pharmaceutical industry, but in 2011 began testing MMJ and studying the cannabinoid compounds associated with Cannabis Sativa. Now we use expert knowledge combined with the highest grade ingredients and procedures to produce the highest quality candy. All our compounds have CoA (certificates of analysis) and are in-house tested for verification.

CBD Gummy Bears